Our Objectives

Nour Innovation Training Institute aims to design special training materials for each contractual training program depending on the level of participants and their experiences as well as our institute providing legal, administrative and professional consultancies to public and private sectors as well through the following goals:

  1. Innovating modern methods of disseminating knowledge and providing our client with advanced methods to reach the desired results.
  2. Providing with professional trainers with long experiences in all aspects.
  3. Providing an appropriate environment to acquire suitable interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to participants.
  4. Transferring successful foreign experiences to the Arab world through the use of foreign lecturers and trainers.

Our Strategies

  1. Using self-development and encouragement methods.
  2. Studying and planning before any service.
  3. Enhancing individual and collective skills.
  4. Training methods (brainstorming – discussion sessions – practical training – management diagnosis – SWOT and SPSS analysis – workshops – questionnaires and trend analysis – balanced performance card).

Our Values

  • We believe in Nour Institute for Innovation Training with four main values that represent our ambitions:

    Innovation- Credibility- Professionalism- Confidence

    Innovation: Creating new ways to deliver our services through continuous development, following up and updating the latest technology.
    Confidence: The trust is between us and our partners and the confidence in delivering of what is distinctive and the best.

     Professional: Professional performance based on specialists in each field with experience and high scientific qualifications, locally and internationally.

    Credibility: The credibility of the educational material, knowledge, skill and all the services of our institute by adopting the actual rules and standards as well as the credibility of our certificates.